1. STIPC was founded to connect academia with industry.
  2. "Southern Taiwan IC Design and Research Incubation Center" was established with support from Industrial Development Bureau(IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Received the Best Research Center Award of National Sun Yat-Sen University.


Integrated 11 universities and 20 companies to set up the "National Communication Antenna Research and Industry Alliance".


Assisted China Steel Company to set up "Fastener Cloud" to provide supply chain data of the fastener industry.


  1. Cooperated with Elan company in setting up IoT platform.
  2. Selected as the recommendation unit for the Establishment Purpose of Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA).


Gathered 13 ICT companies act as sponsors of Mobilehero Contest to promote the development of the communications industry.


Established "Southern Taiwan IoT Service Hub" led by IDB, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Founded "Trucking IoT Application Alliance" with 8 related parties of academia and the trucking industry.


Assisted WiAdvance to set up a branch office in Kaohsiung at Southern Taiwan IC Design and Research Incubation Center.


  1. Taiwan Semi-Conductor Online Recruitment Events were held, bringing together Taiwan's semi-conductor enterprises (e.g. TSMC, MediaTek, Realtek...) and Taiwan's universities, aiming to recruit talents from Malaysia and Vietnam, and successfully attracted around 400 participants.
  2. STIPC, Microsoft, Institute for Information Industry to jointly promote technological innovation in Kaohsiung.


  1. STIPC and Microsoft jointly launched Yawan Cloud Platform x Microsoft for Startups.
  2. Elan Microelectronics Announced New Investment in Kaohsiung with Support from STIPC and Kaohsiung City Government.
  3. STIPC assisted KMRT in Building Up Display Technologies and Applications at Sizihwan Station.
  4. STIPC promoted the cooperation between Whetron and ACER ITS in developing a Self-Parking Car Solution.


  1. Led semiconductor companies such as MediaTek, TSMC, Realtek, Phison, ASE, and UMC to conduct talent recruitment activities in Southeast Asia and successfully reached more than 1,424 interviews.
  2. Continuing to hold communication antenna competitions since 2014, STIPC has raised a total of TWD 24.35 million from corporate sponsorships for competitions. Besides, attaining the amount of 1,182 talents to get a job in the ICT field.
  3. Assisted Gushan Ferry Station, Kaohsiung Lingya Sports Center, Red Barn Factory & Tours of Mayushan Food Industry Co., and other fields of mobility and recreation to built smart display solutions.
  4. Mentoring 10 major industries to establish industrial AI promotion Special Interest Groups, STIPC has successfully promoted industrial transformation and field demonstrations, and reached a total investment of TWD 510.51 million.